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Posted by LForward 3 years ago

Hey everyone,

So far I haven't had any issues with the game. I play from germany and usually get a ping of 120
Starting in the middle of the day today I was starting to get a ping of 300.
300 sounds bad already but it is worse than that, ingame some things are delayed multiple seconds for me, mobs not aggro-ing, healthbars not updating and rubberbanding. Additionally I get kicked out of the game "logged out" every few minutes.
In general the experience right now is horrible and it's literally unplayable. I expect the problem to be the traceroute to the server, I wish I had the IP to actually test it as I've experienced similar connection behaviours with league of legends a couple years ago and there it was just the connection to one point of the trace-network that caused the ping to be high and more important that delayed the whole transmission.

Hope anyone can help me figure out where the problem is and what I could possibly do to fix it.

Thanks in advance,

Posted by Talion 3 years ago (Source)

Morning guys,

looking at the feedback I've seen here, on Twitter and Reddit, this indeed looks like some sort of (possibly routing) issue with Telekom (and every provider using their lines, like 1&1). There is little that we can do about that.
What @Eisenbein suggested is a temporary bandaid that you can use. There is a bunch of them that offer free trials or limited versions. I'd also suggest reaching out to the customer support of your provider and make them aware of the issue - they are much closer to being able to provide a permanent solution.


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