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Posted by letwolf 3 years ago

1. Short duration of vile curse = 6 sec. That means, cursed very vulnerable to lose their full-stack of Vile Curses on target when they just walk away/jump for at least 4 seconds.
2. Small damage and bad scaling of damage of vile curse =~ 50 dmg / 2 second at 1000 item power. on max stack its 200 every 2 sec, or 100 / sec which is too small.
3. Cursed Sickle good skill but horribly long CD! 4 seconds is too much, especially taking into consideration p.1 - only 6 sec duration of vile curses, so if 1 cursed sickle missed - you guaranteedly lose ALL stacks on target. So not usable in zvz/pvp
4. Why Vile curses/ cursed sickles do not apply heal & armor reduction ? Even axes bleeding do healing reduction and have much more damage. Cursed is debuffer class !! Need something really "debuffing"!
5. Death Curse (E skill of basic cursed staff) very easy to avoid,provides a ton of time to react and it is even REFLECTABLE. SUGGESTION: make bomb detonation manual (after 3 sec of application bomb is ready and user detonates it by second pressing on E skill button)
6. Cursed Beam very useless and low damaging W, must be changed

and, of course, RANGE low 8m on single-targeted vile curse spell, what makes curse effectively melee range caster ( spears have more range on max. Spirit Spear stacks).

Posted by Retroman 3 years ago (Source)

About the Vile Curse change:
I am already reiterating on that. I made this 'improvement' this Sunday and fully agree, that it is actually not very helpful. I apologize for worrying you, but I can assure you it won't go live like this. (I guess, this is one of the downsides of having a completely public changelog, it also shows the not so great in-between versions.) :p


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