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Posted by Talion 4 years ago (Source)

Hi everyone,

We have recently received a higher than average number of complaints about deactivated Keys, which were purchased from third-party sellers. Thus, we would like to elaborate on the situation:

Keys available for purchase on sites other than our own Shop ( or directly from Steam are in most cases purchased using stolen credit card data. Criminals use that data to buy keys through our shop and then immediately resell them for a lower price through other marketplaces. Once these fraudulent purchases are discovered by the card owner, or a card gets marked as stolen, a chargeback is initiated on the purchase made with us and the key gets automatically deactivated as a result and the associated account(s) suspended for fraudulent purchase.

In short, you end up with a non-functional Key and in most cases you will also lose any money you have given to the third-party seller. If the price seems to be too good to be true, it probably is.

Please do yourself the favor to only purchase through the official Albion Online Shop or through the Steam Store, as it is the only secure place to purchase Albion Online Keys.

Update 11.07.2018: this is a very current issue again, specifically with a well-known (or in other words: notorious) key seller, hence me pulling this reminder back up.


Posted by Talion 3 years ago (Source)

Pulling this thread back up, because of it recently has become a bigger issue again.


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