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Posted by Headstrong6666 3 years ago

As the title says. There's zero point to over charging outside of it increasing the amount of items that get trashed in the world. Top teams don't have more item power because they bring better gear, they have more because they have a lot higher fame (specialisations). This feature does nothing to giving access to gvg's to newer players, all it will do is encourage top teams (and all teams for that matter), to just keep wearing 8.1 equivalent, why is anyone going to bring 8.2 when its 2-3x more expensive (theres already a power curve to the IP provided by higher tier gear), when everyone can just over charge 8.1.
Also this system is just a double loss for a winning team, as if both sides over charge, the winning team has the trash chance of their own gear, PLUS the extra trash chance of the enemies over charged gear (thats after the trash chance when they kill the enemy), how unfun will it be to get zero loot when you win a gvg.

Basically SBI fucked the economy of the game by introducing too many none risk activities, Hard core expeditions, practice gvgs, arena, etc, so now we have to have a terrible mechanic like over charging to try and remedy the situation.

SBI need to rethink this feature, and think of other ways of influencing the economy that don't fucking ruin higher tier gear.


If the over charge feature does go in, they need to unflatten the IP gained at higher tiers of gear, IE over charged 7.1 will give you more then 8.1, because a flat 100 IP is more IP then you get from the increase in tier of the item.

Here's a table i dug up of the item power of items and how they flatten out at higher levels. 6.2 MP with over charge will be the equivalent of 8.3 Good quality. 6.2 (1060 + 100(master piece) + 100 overcharge = 1260, 8.3 (1240 + 20(good roll). Why is anyone going to bring 8.2 or 8.3 anywhere???

Posted by Eltharyon 3 years ago (Source)

gmatagmis wrote:

Declare Warcamp GvG.
Bring 8.3 gear to force opponent overcharge their 8.1/8.2.
Once opponent overcharge - sit under the tent, and watch them trash.
Zero risk economy impact.
@Korn ^
Either its worth losing 15% of your gear for the territory or its not, and then you simply don't overcharge.

Overcharging is an additional possible choice, not a must. If you fear your opponent may just fake you out, then don't overcharge.

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