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Posted by Gugusteh 3 years ago

With Merlyn coming out soon, and according to a lot of posts seen on reddit / the forum / discord i'd like to suggest a new "content update focus"

I like new features in the game, i've been, as many players hyped by Lancelot and a lot of new things coming.

A lot of the current in game content is not used, under used, underpowered etc.
that's the point of this update:

Balance/ fix /improve every existing feature.

It is not a brand new feature coming soon and hyping everybody, but a lot of people are sad because a lot of activities cannot be interesting.

let's point a few things to make it concrete:
- solo dungeons:
almost always empty, only viable because of the boss possible loot, 2 patterns per tier
- blue dungeons:
1 pattern, problem of incentive ( example: A out problem )
- raids:
problem of trolls, boss is not interesting enough, maybe side bosses
- a lot of underpowered weapons / spells:
after a lot of hours of theorycrafting a lot of weapons can't be used in almsot everything (because some are more efficient, or because spells are just underpowered)
- bugs:
yes there is a lot of improvement on that point but there is still a lot of know bugs, people get used to it but.... they are still annoying (example: item swap bug)
- Minor QoL changes: a lot of suggestions have been made and are in the dev backlog but they require time to make them
- Expeditions:
this subject has been subject of a lot of brainstorms and should be fix in a smart way, but it's still "secondary" (if you compare it to a new feature)
- ...

There is a lot of subjects, those listed above are just a few coming to my mind but the list is almost infinite. Fixing/ balancing all those subjects would be an enormous improvement for almost every player, and it may also make a lot of players come back.

Thats all, if you have some other points you would like to bring here don't hesitate to link them in comment, and if you have any opposition/... make sur to post it too.
I'm always open to constructive feedback too ;)

Posted by Korn 3 years ago (Source)

Abdulkarim wrote:

merlyn coming soon is a joke .. its like sometime in 2019
Our strategy of having 3-4 major updates per year has not changed. Merlyn will indeed come out soon.

Details tbc.

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