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Posted by Wadefu 3 years ago

Whats everyone's opinion on this?

It's a good way to get player made items into the open world... True...

A secondary effect is that it allows people to make money by moving stuff from the AH to sell on BM when it's lucrative to do so... By doing this though it's creating massive amounts of inflation for people who don't really add anything to the game? (By creating more money out of thin air instead of players getting money from other players for items...)

FYI I do trade from AH to BM...

Posted by Korn 3 years ago (Source)

Wadefu wrote:

Fred_the_Barbarian wrote:

IIRC the silver paid out is taken out of mob silver drops too.
This is what I needed to know.

Also, the amount of silver going to the black market is a set percentage of the silver that the mob drops, hence, it's a pretty constant flow.

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