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Posted by tylias 3 years ago

Hey all - month before last I picked up the new iPad pro and signed up to the iOS beta via the test sign up doc found here: Looking through the posts and stickies is seems there is always a delay in receipt of the apple email (person below mentioned in another post its around 3 weeks).

Has anyone signed up and not got the invite within 6 weeks? I've been waiting just under 2 months now


Sharky wrote:

  1. Sign up for invite using the same email address as your Albion account
  2. Make sure your iOS device meets the recommended specs:
  3. Check your spam folder for invite - it come from '[email protected]' with subject 'Sandbox Interactive GmbH has invited you to test Albion Online Beta'
  4. Remember that invites can take up to 3 weeks, possibly more.

Posted by Talion 3 years ago (Source)

Invites are usually sent every two or three weeks.

Are you sure you have signed up with the e-mail that has a game pack on it and selected the correct device in the signup form?


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