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Posted by TheDevilsCry 3 years ago


There has been an ongoing issue with my girlfriend's account receiving numerous Epic Packs. We have contacted both Albion Online and Steam regarding these extra Epic Packs, but neither have been able to figure out the issue. These Epic Packs were not purchased from us, nor were they registered as purchases from Steam's side; clearly there is an issue here.

Unfortunately, although we have no idea why this issue continued to persist, her account has now been banned. Now, this confuses me a little.. If people openly, and honestly, reach out to you regarding an issue occurring within your video game, is banning said person the right action in this situation? If it is, then an explanation would be well appreciated.

Because this is the forum to discuss in-game bugs, I figured I would leave behind my only potential cause for this issue. Also, I can't say I'm any great at Software Engineering, so please don't mind me being somewhat naive when I ask the following question:

- If an account (mine) had the Epic Pack purchased upon installing it to a computer, could this potentially affect an account (hers) that only has the base game active if they were to sign in on said Epic Pack-installed computer? Could the Epic Pack have been treated as a volume license in this situation instead of a user license? (Again, very naive - I can't necessarily prove this theory)


Posted by Korn 3 years ago (Source)

Hey there,

it looks like there is a fraud attempt going on in your girlfriend's account. Could it be compromised/hacked?

In these situations, accounts are suspended as a pre-caution. Our customer service will then investigate the matter. Your girlfriend can contact them at [email protected]

I'll also forward this thread to them as well.

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