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Posted by PrintsKaspian 3 years ago

Lancelot Patch #7 - Ver. 1.11.358 / REV 117521 - 23 May 2018


  • When a territory changes owners, any attack sent from that territory will now be cancelled and will not trigger a counterattack.

Combat Balance Changes

  • Helmets:
  • Electric Discharge (Judicator Helmet):
  • Area Radius: 14m -> 11m
  • Stun Duration: 2s -> 1.5s

  • Harvester Gear:
  • Magic Pollen (Harvester Cap):
  • Now inflicts Sleep instead of Fear
  • Fear Duration: 4.84s -> 0s
  • Sleep Duration: 0s -> 3.87s

  • Shoes:
  • Rotten Ground (Cultist Sandals):
  • Damage vs Players: 34.07 -> 28.79

  • Nature Staffs:
  • Spirit Animal (Rampant Staff):
  • Heal per Tick: 11.51 -> 10.39

  • Fixed an issue where, when a toggle spell was untoggled immediately after casting it, the effect was sometimes not removed
  • Fixed an issue where eating fish incorrectly displayed a message about getting combat fame in the combat chat channel
  • The following items should now benefit from their corresponding crafting specialization regarding quality:
  • Relic armors
  • Nature Staffs
  • Undead Tridents
  • Facebreaker Shield
  • Ghastly Candle Torch
  • Additionally, Facebreaker Shield and Ghastly Candle Torch should now correctly benefit from combat specialization and thus gain the correct amount of item power
  • Fixed an issue where the orientation of arrows was incorrect for the Multishot spell
  • Numerous additional graphical, texture, animation, UI, and localization fixes

Posted by Retroman 3 years ago (Source)

Constructor wrote:

That is much less combat balance changes than advertised.

This is not the balance patch. The balance changes in this patch are more of a hotfix for live. The changes from the NDA balance thread are still intended for the Pre Season patch.


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