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Posted by Fluxx 4 years ago

So, I heard albion online is getting factions and imho that will be a huge success in this game. Im trying to find info on the factions and how it will work but i can not find anything
. I left albion cuz I felt the open world PVP scene we had in alphas got pushed aside for 5v5 wars.
Is it already in game? How many factions? What are the faction names? etc etc anything you can tell me or link me thank you!!! im super pumped to come back to albion for this,.

btw how awesome was the old Ultima online factions wars MINAX FOR LIFE!!!

Posted by Korn 4 years ago (Source)

Hey there,

we'll be releasing a more detailed Merlyn video blog very soon, and this will be followed up by a dev blog video on faction warfare specifically in the near future.

We are super exited about this feature :)

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