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Posted by Ungwe_Lianti 3 years ago

These are just a very FEW of all the games I've played OUTSIDE of Steam, and once they decided to move to Steam you were still able to link your account and pay your subscriptions OUTSIDE of steam, and buy shit in their cashshops or whatever you wanted to do.

*Dungeons & Dragons online
*Lord of the rings online
*Tamriel (Elder scrolls online)
*Tera Online,

If the devs of the games above could do it, then why not Sandbox with Albion Online?

Posted by Korn 3 years ago (Source)

The Steamworks page clearly states that this is not allowed.

We asked Steam directly and they confirmed. Games that don't adhere to this cannot be published on Steam.

A journalist did so, too, and got the same response. See here: (scoll down)…ont-see-a-steam-key.11495

BDO and ESO use the same approach that we had to take.

We did also research other games and could not find one that was in breach of this clause - note that it says that you cannot direct to purchases on your own website from within the Steam client. If you go directly to the website, you can make such a purchase and this is allowed.

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