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Posted by Xhodan-Xeus 3 years ago

So i know you cant xfer an account or use your old account on steam
but what if i buy the game AGAIN on steam can i than just use my OLD login details to login?

Posted by Korn 3 years ago (Source)

Hey there,

if you buy the game on Steam, you can not use your old account with the Steam version of the game - so you'd have to play your old accoun through the normal game client. However, the other way around works: a game account created on Steam can be used in the normal client.

For you, the best option is likely to manually add the existing game client to the Steam library - this does not cost anything.

Here is how to do it:

This allows you to launch the game from Steam, and allows you to use your old account normally.

When it comes to achievements, while you don't get specific achievements on Steam, we have duplicated all achievements in the normal game client as well, so you won't miss out on them.

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