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Posted by ZaZii 4 years ago


maybe not a "bug", but still needs adjustment.

The mastery-progression for capes/bags/siege-hammers is crap.
(tested with bags, according to descriptions it should be same for hammers and capes)

Without any masteries, crafting a bag would require something like 160 focus.
With 100 masteries, crafting a bag requires around 130 focus. (=reduction of around 18%)
That's a bad progression, considering other crafting goes from e.g. 10 to 0.6 (=reduction of like 94%)

Similar progression is for item-quality.
Other items with full masteries are like always 2nd quality+ with tons of excellent/masterpiece procs.
For bags, even with salad I get half of that as normal, other half as good.

Don't know whether it's intended, or whatever - but it it does make "mastering" those crafting-nodes pretty useless.

Posted by Thorn-Delwyn 3 years ago (Source)

We will address a number of these issues in one of the next patches (probably one that goes live in June).
The bug fixes for the missing bonuses for crafting of a number of artifact items should go live next week.
  • hammer, bag and cape crafting will get a specialization node
  • this node will take about three times as long to master compared to nodes with multiple specialization nodes
  • normal offhand crafting specialization nodes offer a higher bonus to the group to bring them inline with weapon nodes
  • all equipment crafting should have the same amount of bonuses if all relevant specialization nodes have been mastered

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