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Posted by Pathos 3 years ago

Fellow fishermen,

I think that the 'fishing a book full' for my laborers is a bit slow, if i go gather some ores i get 5-8 more full books of the same tier then i get with fishing in the same amount of time.
And the rewards look a bit low since we cant get .1/.2/.3. enchants
How do you think/feel about that?

The devs can relook at it?

- Pathos
T8 Fishermen

Posted by Thorn-Delwyn 3 years ago (Source)

Bogul wrote:

interesting ; did your info include time as well? or just clicks
It is hard come up with a certain time frame but like @Constructor already wrote a Tier 7 fishing journal should need about 30 min to fill which should be close to the time it takes to fill a normal T7 gathering journal.
Of course if you're unlucky with fishing spots or fish in lower tier areas it might take longer.

Though that is also an advantage that fishing has over normal gathering: you can fill a T7 fishing journal with fame gained from all rare fishes and normal T5, 6 and 7 fish (a normal T7 gathering journal only fills with T7 and 8).

On the other hand if you find an enchanted level 3 T7 node it can reduce the time to fill the journal tremendously.

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