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Posted by Talion 3 years ago (Source)

Hello everyone,

In the past, we have been quite lenient with what we allowed in public channels, taking into account the full-loot PvP and competitive nature of the game - trashtalking is to be expected and is part of it.

That being said, this lenient approach has been abused, and exchanges have been getting out of hand in public channels more frequently and more extremely. This is evident from increased player report and support ticket numbers. This is not something we can or will tolerate, as it alienates a big part of our player base - especially with the new players coming into this community through Steam.

As such, while still taking into account the nature of the game and the exchanges taking place between players, we will be far less lenient with players who cross the lines and do not respect the rules. This is an important part of the game to address and improve, and we will enforce swifter and harsher punishment on players who misbehave.

We recommend going over our chat moderation guidelines once more if you haven’t done so in a while, so that you have the rules in mind by the time of your next login. We expect you to respect them, and to respect your fellow players.

Thank you for reading.


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