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For Albion online
Could you create a video or a big text, to demonstrate by a+b-c*d/e that it is not a paytowin? Or at least partially, before you open to steam it wouldn't be bad, and please avoid getting out the opening during the opening of a big mmo, like injured or the others that happens in the next months! @@Devs…ns/0/1696043806577566320/ To counter criticism, and fuel debate!

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nicolas2162 wrote:

Reptoid wrote:

This game is not pay to win, its play to win.

$50 usd gets you 10,000 gold, which is worth roughly 7.5 million silver. The average price of a tome of insight (consumable item that grants 10,000 fame to all combat equipment you have worn) is currently 120k. You could by ~63 of these books with the money you got from gold, which would grant you 630,000 fame. Fame farming in some of the mediocre farming spots can easily get 300k and hour, and some of the better spots pushing upwards of 600k...

So if $50usd is worth 1-2 hours of gameplay... go ahead.
If people pay thousand and thousand of moeny to get FF, i would be happy because it's gonna help us to have better server/service/update AND those few people will not affect your game play because this game is more than having spec.
The good thing about the Albion business model is that it would actually affect you - positively - beyond that: If somebody buys tons and tons of gold and sells it to other players via the market in exchange for silver, the gold price in the market will drop, making everyone's premium status easier / cheaper to get via gameplay.

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