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Posted by digital88 3 years ago
(was 25 mastery before)

Posted by Thorn-Delwyn 3 years ago (Source)

You get bonuses from more than one node for a weapon or armor item.

The weapon base node offers an item power bonus each mastery level additionally to unlocking new tiers and spells.
The specializations nodes offer a bigger item power bonus to their related weapon and a smaller one to all weapons of their group.


Sword Fighter 100:
  • +20 item power for all sword type weapons
Broadsword Combat Specialist 100:
  • +20 item power for all sword type weapons
  • +200 item power for all tiers of broadswords
So the maximum of item power from nodes is:
20 (base node) + 220 (main specialization) + 60 (sum of other specializations of the same group) = 300

So it is completely possible to still receive bonus item power from the Destiny Board even though you spec'ed out of a specific specialization.

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