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A Brief Guide to Mastery Re-Specialization, AKA Re-Spec

This feature will allow you to transfer Mastery Levels from one combat node to another. Though this will cost you some of your hard-earned fame and Silver in the process, it will allow you to quickly react to changes in the Meta or switch to a build more to your liking.

To do this, we are introducing a new currency into the game: Fame Credits. This currency is bound to your character and thus can’t be traded, similar to Learning Points.

If you've converted earned Mastery Levels into Fame Credits, you can see the quantity of credits you currently own on your Destiny Board, right beside your Learning Points.

Fame Credits can be gained by two methods:
  • Convert Mastery Levels above the first directly into Fame Credits for a Silver cost.
  • Fame earned will automatically be converted into Fame Credits when you maxed out all Mastery Levels of an affected node.

But keep in mind that the amount of Fame Credits needed to unlock a Mastery Level is 25% higher than what you would get if you converted the same level into Fame Credits. As an example: if you maxed out Spear Fighter and converted all 99 Levels into Fame Credits to put them into Sword Fighter, you would only get to Mastery Level 92. You would need an additional 25% Fame Credits to get it to 100.

The amount of Fame Credits is based on what type of node it is (e.g. Offhand Nodes only cost and return 20% of Fame Credits compared to similar nodes) and on how expensive in Learning Points they are.
This is done so that whether or not you've invested Learning Points into Mastery Levels doesn’t matter.

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