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Posted by gmatagmis 3 years ago

Hi there.
Yesterday i've gathered up 7 players from my guild in one group and voice coms, we geared up in T4 sets, and moved to 2v2 HGs.
Everyone of us was looking for single own 2v2 HG, and once everyone, or most of us found one, we killed bosses in same time and jump in.
Most of us were getting into same instance, while few versus 2 enemies, sometimes even into empty.
Thouse who was unlucky regeared in t4 fast and back to position.
So we repeat it for 6 hours, got about 500k PvE fame, and 6-20 millions worth loot each.
Does it count as exploit or abuse of game mechanics?
Do we risk to get banned?

Posted by Korn 3 years ago (Source)

We do not consider this an exploit.

For the assessment, we have to look at all the relevant factors in conjunction. And those are:
  • hell gates are a limited open world "resource". Players can and do compete over them.
  • It is already and has always been possible for teams from the same alliance to make it into the same hell gate.
  • Key point: Your strategy only works if no one else is doing it also. If gain per hour of that tactic is extremely high, then other alliance will likely do it as well, which would automatically solve the problem as you'd see frequent PvP happening.
  • In essence, the effect of your strategy is comparable to doing hell gates when no one else is doing them - you get exactly the same outcome. And that issue is also automatically solved by other people trying to do the same, and hence, actual PvP to happen.
  • Finally, that in turn is really similar to how chests work: if you can get them with no contest, they are extremely rewarding, which leads to them being contested, which automatically works towards balancing them

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