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Posted by Skylent 3 years ago


These guys are just slaughtering people coming out of that portal.

So what they are doing is all using invis, and then they have bodies littered around which baits players possibly into trying to loot which breaks the protective bubble you are supposed to have.
However, when I died here I didn't even load all the way and when I clicked to move, it clicked to loot
and I died instantly
talking to a mod on the discord they said "that isn't against the rules" yet there have been a number of times where mechanics like this were patched out because of how anti fun it is. Like spawning objects to block pathways, it is programmed into the game, that doesn't mean it is fair or fun.
This guild is just slaughtering people logging on today for their daily grind and trying to have fun.
I'm all for PvP when its legit.

Posted by Korn 3 years ago (Source)

Thanks, we are looking into this.

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