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Posted by Bogul 3 years ago

Dear Visitor,

with a great sense of pride and accomplishment I hereby announce the founding of The Albion Museum.

With this thread and the founding of the guild: The Albion Museum it is now official and the work to preserve and showcase the history of Albion through its items will begin today,

  • Mission Statement: "The mission of The Albion Museum is to collect, preserve, study, exhibit, and stimulate appreciation for items exsisting in the world of Albion."
  • Purpose of the Museum: "Collect one of evey item existing in Albion Online and provide a platform for rare items to be showcased and appreciated by the citizens of Albion."

During the foundation and initial construction time for the museum I will personally invest and manage acquisition cost for the bulk of the items that will be on display. Long-term I hope that players will donate items to the collection once the public nature of this project is understood and appreciated.

I will update this thread periodically as the collection grows in size and link screenshots of current collection and exhibition projects.

The first short-term goals of the project are declared as follows:
  • Upgrade the guild island to the maximum tier.
  • Place a guild hall and houses on the guild island, upgrade those to a level where they accept the maximum amount of chests for displayment purposes.
  • Increase public awareness and knowledge of the project.
  • Complete the first display exhibitions: 1) "Albion T2: Humble Beginnings." 2) "The Legendary Explorer's Shelter - A Display of Tiers."
  • Bring together interested parties that want to help organize and manage the collection.
Long-term goals include:
  • Acquire a plot in Caerleon, constuct a house and use it as a show-room for rare items.
  • Regularly (once a month), exhibit different parts of the collection and further work on completing the collection.
  • Run regular raffles and giveaways with the purpose of raising money and awareness to expand the collection.
  • Collect guild banners from famous guilds to display on the island.
How can I visit the museum and take a look at the collection?
  • Simply send me a message here, on "The Albion Museum Discord" or via Discord PM (Bogul#6397) that contains your Character Name.
    • I will then give you access to the guild island as a visitor and you can browse the collection freely.
    • Tickets are free, but access has to be granted on a first in first out order, due to a cap of how many people you can add as a visitor to a guild island.
Cool project! How can I help?
  • Donate! Get in contact with me or drop stuff anonymously into the donation box located on the island.
    • I pledge that all donations will soley be used to be displayed to the public or in the case of silver and duplicate items to further complete the collection.
    • How do I know what you still need?

FAQ and other content will be added to this thread as the collection grows and my time permits.

Today marks the beginning on a long journey.

Posted by Eltharyon 3 years ago (Source)

Hey Bogul, you asked me about the order in which rare guild logos were added.

This is the technical order in which they were added to the game client, this may not reflect the time they were awarded, but it gives you an idea:

REV 20068
Scoia Tael (locked)

REV 24643
Insane Empire

REV 31096
Hammer & Sickle

REV 37053

REV 39829
Rocket Beans (locked, promotional)

REV 53589

REV 64278
Envy (locked)
Mostly Harmless
Red Army (locked)
Russian Bears
Zerator (promotional)

REV 72369

REV 84847
Echo of Silence
Knights of the Darkside
Say My Name

REV 97123
Ad Honores

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