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Posted by Kantos 3 years ago

Could we please please actually make separate spawns on each map for 2v2 and 5v5 hellgates?

It is absolutely miserable finding them. The number of available red hellgates for 5v5s has been effectively halved and the number of 2v2 hellgates is way too low.
I personally didn't notice any kind of increased spawn rate for them or 2v2s. They still appear to spawn at a chance at 30 minute increments, despite the patch announcement saying it was increased.
Also because the reds and yellows spawn in the same area 5v5 teams are constantly killing 2 man hellgates to attempt to get a 5v5 hellgate to spawn, and vice versa, which annoys both types of group by wasting gates and creating empty hellgates.

Playing hellgates is a ton of fun, spending 90% of your time though hopping between portals and maps only to find empty maps and the wrong hellgate is not. Especially when half the time you finally find one, it's an empty hellgate because another team opened a portal just to get rid of it.

Posted by Retroman 3 years ago (Source)

Hey everyone,
here's a little heads up for you on this topic. So after the launch of Lancelot you have been playing the new Hell Gates in very high numbers so far. While I am happy that you are playing this new content in high numbers, this lead to the problem of our hell gate spawn rates not beeing able to keep up with the high demand. For patch 1, I adjusted the hell gate spawn settings to have substantially more gates spawned in the open world, which should make it way more likely to find the gates you are looking for. Also I make the likelyhood of 2v2 HG spawning higher, because you been playing these in way bigger numbers. Right now in the ratio of 100 (Lesser HG) to 30 (Greater HG) ratio. (playing means in this case finishing it and defeating the final boss or chest)

As for having seperate spawn positions, unfortunatelly this is something that would require a rework on how hell gate initializing works in general, as the system was never build in a way to support this. It would require a lot of dev time, which is why this is no option for a patch. However there is a lot that can be improved on the spawn setting side, which should improve the situation a lot.

I have one more question for you:
When you say you can't find a hell gate, does that mean you usually don't find any hell gate at all for several clusters? Or you just encounter the wrong type of hell gate?
In your experience, what is the ratio between empty clusters and clusters with the wrong type of gate? i.e. "We have been looking for 4 clusters, encountered 3 empty zones and one Lesser gate, but have been looking for a greater gate."

Sorry again, for the frustration the farmed zones can currently cause. I wasn't expecting participation rate to be that high. hell gate completion rate in red and black went up by 250%. The next patch should make the situation much better. But I hope, despite the problems, you still had fun with the full loot 2v2 gates so far.


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