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Posted by Kevin 3 years ago

Is there too many roaming mobs?

Posted by Thorn-Delwyn 3 years ago (Source)

You're right in saying that the name "Roaming Mobs" is misleading.

By this name we meant that the players are roaming to fight those mobs and not that those mobs are roaming (though that would be kinda cool).
Especially if you want to catch the highly rewarding Bosses (the ones with a spiked ring around their feet).

By the way in many cases normal mobs and bosses share one spawn point.
So if you don't kill the small ones it is probable that after some time you won't find bosses any longer.

Thank you all for your feedback and we're still locking into ways to improve the open world PvE situation further.
So if you can come up with any good and achievable ideas you just might see them realized in Albion in the future. ;)

Best regards,

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