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Posted by Talion 3 years ago (Source)

Hello everyone,

With Lancelot a bug snuck into the game regarding the Laborer Journals.

The Bug
While adjusting the prices of Labourer Journals, an issue with their salvaging benefits arose. With the increase in prices for Laborer Journals post Lancelot, this leads to the situation that a vast number of journals have been bought pre-update, only to be salvaged post-update with enormous profit spans. Thus, effectively generating Silver out of thin air. Obviously, such a thing should not exist in an economy like that of Albion.

The Fix
The possibility to salvage journals will be removed at the earliest possible time - which will likely be in a Hotfix tomorrow March 13.

We strongly urge you not to exploit this very obvious bug. We will temporarily suspend accounts that participate in exploiting this loophole to remove any ill-gotten gains from them. Additional punishment will be handed down depending on the severity/frequency/amount of pre-meditation of the individual participating in the exploit.


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