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Posted by BananaPudding 3 years ago


I found the inconsistency in the loss of durability of building at the same period of time. It is not that evident but it is exist. The most evident one is that the building in personal island seems not to deteriorate over time. May be that is intended ?


Posted by Thorn-Delwyn 3 years ago (Source)

Building durability decay is mainly linked to its tier besides being damaged by players with siege hammers.

A building with a higher tier has a higher durability also.
Though the rate of durability loss also increases the overall rate of decay decreases.
(meaning higher tier = more time until 1% of durability has decayed)

Additionally we distinguish between different types of buildings (e.g. Crafting & Refining).
But even though there are differences in their durability and rates of durability loss the overall rate of decay of buildings on the same tier is the same.

Also there is no durability decay on player- and guild islands.
But in turn they offer no production bonuses like town plots do and returning to an island of buildings with 0 durability after taking a longer pause (e.g. more than 50 days) would be rather frustrating.

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