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Posted by DoubleDex 3 years ago

I haven't received an email about my legendary pack I just bought, I have a pay pal receipt but it still says pending on the account info on the Albion website. Does the payment take a while to go through or something?

Posted by Talion 3 years ago (Source)


Normally, purchases are instant. There is a few cases with Paypal (eChecks, Direct Bank Transfers from North America), where it can take a few days.

This might not have been the case here though - last night, our payment processor, who basically handles all the payment infrastructure for the different payment methods, had an outage in their European datacenter, leading to delayed payment processing. My guess is that you may have been caught in that @DoubleDex - this issue should have been resolved as of about 03:00 UTC. Sorry for that.


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