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Since I have been asked a lot about plot business by several people, so I decide to express my opinion in this forum in one place. Some of the information, I will not go into the details here because several people who posted in the other forums have partially discussed with me before posting them and they have already done quite a few good posts explaining things. So, I will only express my opinions or concepts that are still inconclusive to complement those comments. (If you find any mistakes in this post, please let me know, I type it quickly and I have never rechecked my calculations)

1) How much profit do/will you get per plot per day?

This question has always been asked by a lot of people all the time and you will find that the answer for this question is quite interesting in its own. From my experience, the average range of the profit for operating plots can be from - 700k to 1M per day. There are some outliners, but I will not discuss those ones here.

You may wonder that I might miss typing the negative sign on the previous paragraph, but, unfortunately, I did not miss typing it. You will be surprised that how little percentage of all owners that are able to earn profit or even sustain their plot operation cost. For example, not too long ago, @BlackPig also post in the forum to ask how he can profit from operating plot since it seems he lose money every day. (How are city plots profitable?) What happen to him is very common in plot business. You have to ask yourself. If the profit is really that good, why there are still a lot of plots on sale? If you still have some doubts about it, as you are continue reading my answers in every question, I am sure that you will eventually agree with me.

2) Is there a "Cartel" or "Mafia" who controls behind it?

Before going into the real discussion about the mechanics of plot business, I would like to answer this question about its general politics first.

This “Cartel” question is actually a trick question and it has been previously answered by several people publicly with a lot of arguments. In my humble opinion, it depends on the definition of "Cartel" you are referring to. I believe the first mentioning of "Mafia" and "Cartel" word has been used by @Mastaprzemo when there was a sudden increasing in tax by several plots on 20thAugust 2017. The reason behind that event, I would say, individual plot owner profit drove the tax up due to the malfunctioning of competitor plots caused by crafting capacity limit bug rather than the cooperation among plot owners. It is not a cooperative gain but only individual gain.

After that, it has been intensively used later by @VOC in his forums when he began to have a conflict with Exertion guild. The "Cartel" that he was referring to, I assume from his post that it means the cooperation between the guild who controls the city and a group of owners. For this kind of Cartel, I, honestly, don't know about it and don't have any concrete evidences either. It may exist, or it may not, who knows?

What I do know is that there is a discord that the owners use to chat together in that room and there are several bids from a guild who owns the city. (I tracked the flow of money in this game, but I don’t want to reveal my technique here) They may or may not relate to each other. There is no way to track it down since anyone could use alternative characters. However, it is important to point out that this discord is not a secret discord as @Blatta have been pointed out in one of the forums. The invitation link also used to post in the forum publicly somewhere more than 3 months ago. The requirement is that you only have to have a plot to be able to access in individual sub chatroom channel. The main channel is actually free to access, and you can ask to be able to access it if you would like to buy a plot from one of the owners. It is often cheaper than the price that shows on the sign.

Until now, it should be no surprise for several people I guess. Come to think of it, even when we form a party to level up in the dungeon for an hour or two, we still have a discord group party. The owners are supposed to coexist for at least 28 days or so. It is inevitable that they will talk to each other eventually at some points. As one of the oldest/longest members in plot owner community, I, myself, have been in at least 10 different discord chatrooms for plot owners in various city. The earliest chatroom that I know of was initiated by @munurator within one month since the launch date before he is disappear and the chatroom is temporally closed. This type of discord is usually not last long and has a peaceful relationship as you might think. Only a few of them have been survived. If you have been on one of these chatrooms, you will know that it is intense and, most of the time, there are several arguments happening with each owner. Even Abdulkarim also used to be in one of these chatrooms for a short while.

Another point I would like to make is that, although, because the flow of the story that has been going on recently, you probably have a mindset that, if I am an owner, I should be in that chatroom and everything is settled down there. In reality, this, actually, is not often the case. Not all the plot owners have discord, and even they have discord, they do not always like to participate with other owners. There are various kinds of owner and the diversity in opinion is large. Things that happen do not often to be the results from that discord. The prime example case is that, the sudden increase in Alchemist tax in Caerleon two weeks ago, this does not majorly relate with that specific discord at all.

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A very interesting and informative post indeed.

Thanks a lot!

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