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Posted by Eltharyon 3 years ago (Source)

Based on feedback received from the community regarding Season 2 Siphoning Mage changes published with the Lancelot patchlog, we are adjusting the GvG bonuses granted through siphoning mages as follows:

  • The period that determines the bonus are the 60 minutes prior to peak time start (down from 240 minutes)
  • The maximum bonus is now 2.4% (down from 4.8%)
  • The bonus is calculated pro rata. 1 mage being alive for 8 minute grants you a 0.08% bonus - effectively 0.01% per minute. As there are 4 mages in total, and 60 minutes are counted, the maximum bonus hence is 4*60*0.01% = 2.4%
  • Placing a mage / rogue mage will cost the same amount of energy as killing a mage would drop. This means that “flipping” mages is possible without having to bring extra energy, and this means that if an attacker snipes your mages and replaces them with his own, you can easily flip them back at no extra cost. Hence, guarding your mages for the full 60 minutes is not that critical, it’s enough to react in time once and if your mages are actually flipped.
The design logic behind is feature is to allow more players to contribute to their guilds GvG efforts, while making sure that this is soft enough to not pre-determine the outcome of the fight. Hence the total bonus that can be gotten is quite small, such that guilids to not feel that it is mandatory to take part in this for every single GvG fight.

In the original configuration on the test server, the total period that was counted was 4 hours prior to the start of peak time. A lot of you told us that this would make the feature too much of a chore, in particular for the defenders. We agree with that assessment. In theory, we could shorten the period even more, say to just 10 minutes prior to peak time, but we are concerned that this might encourage “on point zerging” a bit too much. Having said that, we will evaluate how the feature plays out once it is on the live server and take it from there.

Also note that mages now drop all of their energy directly, and now also give some fame when killed. These changes were made such that killing mages is individually more rewarding.

All of these changes combined such make the gameplay around mages much more interesting, and allow all guilds members to at least play a small part in supporting their core GvG teams while also providing a trigger for additional prime time open world GvG action.

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