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Posted by Ketka 3 years ago

Hello everyone, i played 3 years in albion online, and have one opinion about druid in this game, and really hope what developers read this soon. I think better was change Q-skill on druids weapon: immunitet for purge only for Q-skill on weapon (now that Q not works, because in game we have purge cloth hat), and change priest (holy mage) Q-skill, for example - downgrade him for 10% of heal. Its revive game for healers, and make more choise for healers, not like now - only holy healer for 5v5 Shis could make game more balanced and give some hope to druids in ablion ! if you wonna this !?! Vote for balance

Posted by Retroman 3 years ago (Source)

Hey, thanks for the feedback again and sorry for not replying more often.

So, in short, getting Nature back into the 5v5 meta is also on the agenda for the next content update. I agree, that the current dominance of 1h Holy Staff in these situations is not healthy for the game. You can expect adjustments regarding this topic in the next update of the Balance Changes post.


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