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Posted by Dexyest 3 years ago

So let's check the facts:
1. Normal bows are bugged, since they aren't reducing target's armor;
2. Whispering bow dps is really underpowered, specially considering the fact that using explosive shots reduces your scape skills to boots and/or helmet skills. So in those 8s you become a stationary dps (you can obviously move, but in order to land dmg you need to stand and shoot the arrows. After those 8s you just dont do pressure at all and has a long CD);
3. Badon bow kills only low health targets (ZvZing) or get some kills when you have the game stuck on massive zvzs (massive rubberbands); also, 4) Retroman nerfed Deadly Shot in 2017. The skill wasnt used in GvGs and now its gone, due to low dmg output (compared to fire/frost mages), also not worth using in PvE (single target low dmg skill);
5. Bows always have a shiny spot in many games, while in Albion the shadow of warbow's past glorious days seem to guide a need to neglect the fact that bows are indeed underpowered. A lot.

About me: Ive been playing bows since my first day in Albion. So far I've reached 67 spec on artifact bows and all the other bows above 50 spec. Badon came and gave archer player's a spot in the fame farm groups, as it lands quite good damage with decent CD. But you dont see archers GvGing, as they are out of the meta. In the other hand, you'll see all the time all players saying that bows sux. Period.

And Ive to say: when I see badon's killing players due to a combo of an AoE skill plus to a rubberband, feels bad, but its like a glacial staff with more dmg. Ppl die coz they are unable to move. Feels bad.

Posted by Retroman 3 years ago (Source)

Thanks everyone for the feedback. It is always appreciated ;)

Yeah, I agree, I am also not happy, that Bows are currently hardly existent in 5v5 fights. Therefore they will getting adjustments for the next content update to make them more useful in these scenarios.

In general, please keep those feedback threads and all the input coming, I apologize if I usually don'r reply. But I just try to stay away from discussing changes on forums, because this can easily eat up a lot of my time, which I try to spend mostly on working on the game instead. But when I doesn't reply, this doesn't mean I don't read here. And of course I am always interested and try to listen to the feedback from the community.


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