See what Korn has to say about this topic.

Posted by Rexi 3 years ago


Just dropping by to ask if seasonal servers will ever be on the table of consideration!

All the alphas and betas were the best anyway! Fresh start is always what brings more people back.

Posted by Korn 3 years ago (Source)

Seasonality in general is something that works really well in the context of Albion. What however would be a problem is if it also involved wiping character progress and gear.

Having said that, there is the old "Atlantis" concept that we have thought about for quite a long time (and many of you will have heard this before). Here is how it would go:
  • Volcanic island appears. It has a lifetime of 60 days before it blows up.
  • Players can travel there, but cannot bring any items. Players can however take items off the island.
  • The island will contain special new resources and other goodies that can exclusively be found there
  • On the island, players and guilds who compete about the best spots, territories, etc, very similar to how the game played out for the first 60 days after a wipe during the betas
What's everybody's view on this? A possible downside here is of course that it would "split" the warfare aspect of the game across different regions instead of enhancing it in the regions that we already have - which, for example, we could do by adding open world buildings (player made outposts, mines, quarries, castles, etc) to the game and have people fight over them.

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