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Posted by persil 3 years ago

Power level/gap has increased a lot.


let's say 8.3 set ~~ 50mln silver
how powerfull were you? 1vs3 could be a struggle, there was just no way to get any more powerfull. You got caught by 5 ppl? Good bye 50 mln silver. Hell even 1v2 vs build that counter you could have been deadly. Amount of people and team work people had/comp did matter a lot. Skill did actually matter. You could have gone out with group of 10 ppl and always at least have a chance if you played well or enemy made a mistake.


battlemount ~~ 180mln silver
cc immunity? check
great defense? check
very good damage, almost 1 shotting people? check

battlemount vs 8.3 guy ? battlemount vs 10 ppl? no problem, unless they ran specific anti battlemount builds . 2 battlemounts vs 15ppl? 1 battlemount + 9 ppl vs 10 ppl? no way to lose. battlemount + 20 ppl vs 20 ppl? 2 battlemounts + 50ppl vs 50ppl? 3 battlemounts + 50 vs 100? You see the point.

conflict's example of battlemounts use

most of the time there is no skill required. u can tank everything. Even if u get dismounted u still have insane mobility to get away(bloodletter soldierboots etc) (imagine what would happen if hes running 8.3 set? nothing. hes dead)

With last patch the importance of having silver went up a lot, as the importance or your skill went down. Max silver makes u a God now, as max amount of silver pre this patch made u powerfull.

power gap between battlemount and 8.3 guy is a joke and the chances of losing it also. It's easy to lose 8.3 set.

is there gonna be a railgun? maybe 8 000 energy? hell it would not be as bad as battlemounts actually. cause its easy to die

Wrapping it up, question to devs.
Are u gonna create more and more power gap depending on how much silver you're rolling with?
Are we expecting battlemount nerf or rework?

Posted by Korn 3 years ago (Source)

Hey there,

Battle Mount balance is very much on our agenda. Yesterday's reset day was pretty much the first time that they were fielded in larger numbers. We collected lots of data and videos on this, will evaluate and take it from there.

It goes without saying that we are not looking for a "more battlemounts = always better" meta - the intention of the design is that battle mounts act as support for the armies on foot. Also, we need to make sure that risk vs reward is right, meaning that the chance to lose a battle mount needs to be real.

Note that the above does not mean that we have made any specific balancing decisions yet. Any ideas and suggestions are always welcome.

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