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Posted by Eron 3 years ago

The sense of danger was real in BETA when you went into a Red zone+. I get why this was scaled back to knock down.

What about bringing back Execute from Mobs where it makes sense. Either Red or Black - just for Bosses, or certain mob types in Black like Morgana and UnDead? Increase the EXP for these mobs to balance risk/reward.

Posted by Thorn-Delwyn 3 years ago (Source)

The issue with mob-execute was that one player death in a group could cripple the whole group tremendously simply because too many items got destroyed or the wrong items got destroyed. In this case the player in question needed to return to a city or territory to get new gear while the rest of party was either slowed or had to wait if more than one player was affected.

Any solution to reintroduce mobs killing players outside of instanced combat would have to keep this issue in mind.

This is also what made resurrection rather useless in PvE. Of what use is a player whose weapon got destroyed?

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