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Posted by Retroman 3 years ago (Source)

Hi everyone,

in the next patch the crafting cost for T7 and T8 Royal gear will be reduced drastically. Since reacting to a change like this early on gives an economic advantage, I will share this info here publicly. (the reason for this is, participants of this evening's combat balance playtest might notice this change and start reacting to it, before anyone else could have this knowledge. So, here is the upcoming change announced in public, so everyone gets a chance to react to it:

  • Reduced the amount of Royal Sigils needed for T7 and T8 armor pieces.
    • T7 Sigils needed for a chest piece: 32 -> 16
    • T7 Sigils needed for helmet/shoes: 16 -> 8
    • T8 Sigils needed for a chest piece: 64 -> 16
    • T8 Sigils needed for helmet/shoes: 32 -> 8

*Disclaimer these changes are intended for the next patch (patch3), but since it is not the final version of this patch. there is no 100% guarantee these numbers will also end up on live. ;)


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