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Posted by Neradas 3 years ago

Can't launch with Iphone 5S cause "less than 2MO syteme memory" while miminal requierement is iphone 5S

is it normal ?

if yes : change minimal requierement information
if no : what can I do ?


Posted by Talion 3 years ago (Source)

Neradas wrote:

love "automatique answers"

I just notice a default and understood maybe its just an information file update missing

Screen :…GcPGsAab/view?usp=sharing

so yes its write compatible Iphone 5s

thx for dont care :)
The screenshot you link is something that Apple populates, not us.

We announced which devices are useable and compatible in our article where you found the signup link. iPhone 5s was never supported, will not be supported, and we have not said it was supported.


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