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Posted by KolKhara 3 years ago

What I'm looking for is a dev response on if we can use this software

I'm in no way trying to get this player in trouble and not looking for any action taken against him. If this is a TOS violation please warn him instead.

I know general rule of thumb is devs won't comment on the use of 3rd party software since its something out of their direct control and could therefore change over time from a perfectly nonissue into an exploitative issue so safe bet is to just not use it at all. That said this program does not alter any game files and simply provides a meaningful QOL benefit.

I just don't want to get in any hot water if I start to use it can we get an official green light please.

Posted by MadDave 3 years ago (Source)

Hey guys,

we do not see a problem with this kind of software. It only changes the mouse cursor on a driver level and does not interfere with the game client in any way. I don't see an unfair advantage either.
Your request of customizable mouse cursors has been noted :)


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