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Posted by TheWrayth 1 year ago

Next week I will be going into hospital for another surgery to help treat my stage 4 colon cancer. This surgery will have a two month recover time and will leave me bed ridden. The hospital has surprisingly good WiFi but using a laptop in a hospital bed after surgery is amazingly hard. I really like playing Albion and I will certainly have the spare time to play (silver linings I guess :P ). If anyone has as an iOS key they are not using or if a DEV reading this can take pity on me it would greatly simplify my life.

I know it is a long shot but never hurts to ask


Posted by Talion 1 year ago (Source)

SHARKY wrote:

I think the sign-up for iOS beta is still open: iOS Beta Signups and invitations to the test

You can use the form that post links to, to sign-up. They send out the invites on Fridays.

Good luck with the surgery, and the subsequent recovery.
What this guy said. Get well!


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