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Posted by Goingindry 11 months ago

Here is a clip of today's pacify.

Well of the World - Camp Pacify 11/20/17

OOPS (116) -vs- WOKE (42) -vs- ARCH (18)
Players: 176, Deaths: 28, Fame: 1,861,648

It seems like Kay will bring alot of smoothing and fluidity to ZvZ's based off the last dev talk, but will it actually make massive battles like this playable?

Its hard to keep my guild motivated to show up to ZvZ's when this (see video above) is what im asking my guild to come and do....

Posted by Korn 11 months ago (Source)

angrad wrote:

@Korn already said no. Kay is going to make the problem worse. Not better.

He said they will not be working on server side performance issues, even though, I believe, 90% of the people that have issues with performance experience server side performance issues.

When they fix the client side issues it will just flood the server with more traffic making it even harder to play.
Uh, we never said that, where is that coming from? Please provide a quote or link.

Here is what we did say:
1. The Kay update will massively improve client performance in zerg fights. For most players, that's the main reason for lag.
2. We have already started working on server side improvements as well.

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