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Posted by Rainphase 11 months ago

Hello Everyone and New Potential Players,

I want to 1st start off by welcoming you to Albion Online Forums!! Today is your lucky day, I will be giving away 25 Trial Keys but thats not all!!!.

1.) If you win you must redeem the trial key, however there is no obligation to purchase the game however it is highly recommended!!!
2.) You must post the reason why you wish to try Albion Online.

Bonuses: If you have redeemed a trial key and decide to purchase Albion Online... You will receive many benefits.
1.) If you would like you can have an invite to a mature guild with Discord Coms that can teach you all kinds of things and help you throughout your adventured in Albion Online.
2) removed by mod. No direct kick-backs allowed
3) removed by mod. No direct kick-backs allowed

So post your reasons why you want to try / play Albion Online Below and make sure they are good as I will select the best reasons for Trial Keys!

Good Luck Everyone and Happy Adventuring!!

Posted by Korn 11 months ago (Source)

I edited 2. and 3. Direct kick-backs for referrals are not allowed as per the Referral T+C.

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