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Posted by Pocketsdeep 9 months ago

This is happening in Camlann. The Elite mage that spawns on the outside of Camlann has 26k health and impossible to kill solo. Can someone please take a look at what is going on here? It is spawning t6 melee mobs and resists all interrupts. Just looking for confirmation on if this is right or not. It was no where near this hard until the last patch that changed undead mobs.

I reported this bug on the character Gankster


Posted by Thorn-Delwyn 9 months ago (Source)

If you're talking about the Condemned Necromancer then this is actually not a bug. You have to figure out how to kill him. It is definitely doable. ;)

At the beginning of the fight he buffs himself with five stacks of a buff that increases his damage reduction by a lot.

Consider the time that this buff is active phase 1.
He will not auto attack and only summon Undead Minions but not more than one at a time.
If he can't summon he will cast a skill shot that can be dodged.
This means if you avoid every Frost Bolt his damage is 0 in this phase.
Now every time you kill one of his minions one stack of his buff will be removed.

When all stacks are removed phase 2 begins.
He will now auto attack and cast an additional AoE spell similar to the normal Undead mages.
No new minions will be summoned in this phase.

I hope this helps you to beat him!
Good luck. :D

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