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Posted by TOSSOT 1 year ago

When i use portal to enter blackzone then timers start and when i exit blackzone then timers are resetting. Basically when i enter red portal and stay inside red portal for 2 hours then i should be able to use other portals, but thats not the case. When i enter red portal for example and then exit red portal then my timers reset which is very wierd. Same thing is with last used portal. When im in the red portal zone for example and stay there 10 minutes and theres no action or whatever is the case and i want to go to city to change portal then the timers reset and i have to wait 10 minutes in city again.

And if you guys say that its not a bug then why timers start when i enter blackzone if they reset anyway when exit/die in blackzone? Doesnt make sense.


Posted by Korn 1 year ago (Source)

That's actually working as intended. The timers refresh every time use the portal, the direction does not matter.

The reason is that we do not want players to easily teleport between different outland sub-regions. Say you log out in the high outlands. You log in, do a large scale fight there, port to Caerleon and then, without a lock, could instantly go to low Outlands and join another large fight. This situation is what we want to avoid, i.e. we want you to manually walk through the outlands if you want to switch from high to low quickly.

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