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Posted by cryptfilter 2 years ago

i remember star trek online having a proxy setup for better net connection for peops in places like aus.

could we get a proxy connection to reduce the ping for australians, as its rather large 300+

be much appreciated,

Posted by Korn 1 year ago (Source)

Thanks for the suggestion.

The electronic signals will still have to travel all the way from Australia to the game servers and back, putting another server in between won't really change that.

The underlying issue with Albion is that a player from the Australia and Europa can interact with each other. So minimum delay here - to be shared between the two players - is always the time it takes from the signal to travel that distance.

How the delay is shared between them depends on where the server is. We picked a server location where the average ping for the average Albion player population is minimized, i.e. a location that has a good ping from the USA and from Europe. Unfortunately - and that really sucks - this is bad news for the Australians.

Having said that, it might be possible to speed up pings by offered a better routing from Australia to our game servers, making sure that the signals always take the fastest route. I noted this down as a research task for our team.

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