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Posted by RightWingNationalist 1 year ago

Explain to me the skill in 10v1. 3 out of 4 times i try and gather in the red zone, i get zerged. 1-3 hours of gathering lost. Clearly this game wasn't made with solo players in mind. Black zones are even worse. I spent 60k silver rebuying gear after dying literally seconds after my shield falls in black zones due to guilds. i tried FOUR different zones, didn't matter. Zergskilled within minutes. This isn't fun. I've even tried joining larger guilds, but guilds in this game are like a pyramid scheme. Everyone funneling mats to the GM and officers to gear them out for GvG, and zero reward for doing so. Its been the same with the 2 different guilds i've tried to become a part of.

I'm not really sure what SI thinks the solution to this is, but my free time is valuable and there are many like me. Perhaps MAX group sizes or a buff when your attacked by more then 4 people? Something needs to be done, Because i literally cannot progress because of this retarded game mechanic.

Posted by Korn 1 year ago (Source)

I think the best way to adapt is the following:
  • Lower your risk by using cheaper gear, in fact, the cheapest gear that you can possibly use. If you are in a 10v1 situation, it does not really matter whether you wear T4 or T6.
  • Use a mount that's good for getting away. An armored horse is great for this, though I don't know what the prices for these are right now. They'll come down, though
  • Make frequent trips back to town to store your resources
  • Research the best escape builds
  • Always watch the edge of the screen for nametags, and always by close to your mount.
And finally, read this guide: A Guide on surviving solo gathering Part 1. It's old, but still quite relevant.

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