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Posted by Talion 6 years ago (Source)

Hi everyone,

we would like to address a very important topic: modification of our Game Client. This cannot be allowed.

We know that some of the fansites have been using modified client software to extract the data they use for providing their great and informative platforms. Unfortunately, the same applies for botters and other cheaters. Since we can only track that a client was modified, but not how, we must fall back on our Terms and Conditions, which prohibits explicitly any modification of our software.
Everybody who will continue to use a modified client will be permanently banned.

We know that this also affects some of our fansites. We are really sorry for that. We are working on a set of APIs that will allow them to continue their service, once they are in place. These APIs will also be able to provide you with more data than what modifying the client gives you.
If you are currently running a site that will be affected by this, please get in touch with [email protected]– we would love to talk to you and hear of what requirements you have for our API. Maybe it’s something we didn’t think of yet. :)

Until then, though, please stop using a game client that has been modified in any way, as it WILL get you banned.


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