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Posted by PogoTime 6 years ago

First, this isnt a rant or a cry thread. I enyoed the game to a certain point. My experience was mostly "having fun while grinding myself through tiers" - and that's so far "ok", because it seems that grind is somehow fun. "But" the longer i played (> 100 hours) the more i realized that this would not motivate me on the same level that it did from Tier 1 to 4.x. So i will conclude some points there that will summ up some Game Mechanics or Game Designs that may have to go through another iteration, or the game will most likely have the same effect on me when released. The Issues are sorted by my personal feel of importance.

  1. Combat (most important)
    After the Alpha and before the beta i was hyped a bit by seeing this video about Classless Combat and that you (devs) foccused on comabt since alpha. My expectations where high. So playing beta was a big dissapointment. Ok you introduced some more spells, and brought in some new simple effects, but combat remains the same on most parts. the problem with combat in its current state is - its very unskillfull. Most likely you can train your 90 year old grandma in 5 minutes to be as good as the 15 year old pro gamer. I have no empirical data on this, but i think while targeting the more hardcore comunity - you will most likely dissapoint them as well. People like to play games and PvP in particualr to learn stuff faster, to master their abilities better and to reach skillcaps where others are failing. And Albion has no skillcab. everybody can push 3 Buttons on Cooldown. Skillshots are more a rudimentary implementation of what is the industry standard on that (Reference: Every Moba out there) There are top voted threads about this issure that are simply beeing ignored (LINK) As mentioned in other threads, seeing 2 People (e.g. Crossbows) making a duel doenst only looks like the most boring duel possible - it is simply boring and simplisitic. Some could argue that Skill is required in group fights, i would argue that that is simply experience of what classes (Spells) to bring to be the most effective group against other groups. Zerg Complain Threads are furthermore stressing the point that the best way to win is to bring more (not better) players to the field.
  2. User Interface (still very important)
    My personal opinion is that the idea of Cross playtform development brought in major issues to the PC world. Since there where Poll threads where like 98% voted that they will mostly or only play on PC is showing me, that Tablets are a gimmik. Yes there might be some very strange players that will play only on Tablet but still my guess is that they will be represented by unter 1% in the final game. The Problem with that is: This currently leads to compromises on the PC Side: e.g. super simple Combat moves, issues with the PC right-left click usability, tooltip Issues and the worst UI a PC Gamer have ever seen. Even with a not-so-small budget of 3 mio EUR (or bigger) other titles have proven that a good User interface is possible and not a issue that is raised 3 years after development started. I could list a couple of related Bugs and Issues, to name some of them (UI Scalablity, Movable UI Elements, Enemy Health Bars under Name Tags, moving items from bag to chest is mess, merly Tooltips, compare items,Customizable Button Bar, a minimap that doenst look like a Packman game, Character customization and Details, antialising still broken or not present, Shadows are flickering on nividia cards (bug), No Fullscreen Window mode on Dual monitor setups (bug). Futhermore i think the game would be greatly benefit from a Addon approach, where programmers can create or replace current UI Elements with their Addons (see WOW / Wildstar with LUA)
  3. Other Important Stuff
    Needless to say that there is a trend towards big guilds and big alliances that have showed us in the beta how to controll most of the Black Zones. Problem here is that SI took a couple of those guild masters and hired them (without money) as advisors for the game. So they will foster their point to embrace this kind of game mechanics. What is with the smaller guilds that will be much slower in progress and want to be a part of the Game beyond Tier 5 ? Some will say: Join a Alliance, but allianceses that have access to higher tier content are picky. They will mostly ignore you, since you are not active enought. The want to have a benefit to join their ranks. Only to grant access to a guild on one side isnt enough. I additionally think the Premium System is too strong and will have a serious impact on the balance, because from my perspective its "Pay to Progress with double speed" = Pay to Win. While labourers will do a lot of stuff for you, low tier areas will be empty in the mid late game - as it mostly is in the currenty beta. No need to go back to level 1-3 to harvest something or to find something - this is not a big issue but for new players that will come in later, this will be a other experience. Generally speaking, players that will come in 1 year later must have the chance to catch up somehow. In EVE this is most likely not possible. I think important things are adressed so far in this or other threads, i leave it with this conclusion and reference other threads that go a little deeper in some issues. The bad feeling that i have is that the devs have their fixed plan for the game, as already seen with polls and major issues, there where moved to the rant forum and ignored. I thought the fact that the game is founded would lead the community to have some democratic right to vote for or against some notions. But this isnt the case. Did the Community asked for a fancy Introduction video that cost most likely 50-100k EUR ? Did we asekd for a book or someone that tell comunity stories as features including hireing more and more community manger and game designers instead of real techical experts ? This money should have gone in other directly game related (technical) issues. Beautifying and gimmiks are the least important issues the game has. Hireing more and more CMs or Game Designers to think about new cool stuff like fishing or whatever was or will be added in future patches is generally good, but leaves the core problems with netcode, combat and UI open.And investing in nice-to-have stuff is bringing me to a point where i question the priorizations.
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Posted by Korn 6 years ago (Source)

Hi PogoTime,

thanks for your great feedback.

On the points you raise:

1. Combat We have made combat a core and ongoing focus for us by creating a dedicated combat team that does work on nothing else - being a small studio as we are, this means a lot. What will surprise you, and surprised us at first as well, is that making great combat is extremely hard and takes a lot of time.
When comparing Albion with a Moba such as League of Legends, keep in mind that they have a team of probably more than 100 developers working on a game that is much simpler than Albion, and they have been working on it for more than 6 years.
On top of that, due to the fact that Albion Online is an MMORPG, where thousands of people can be online at the same time in the same world, there are some technical restrictions at work, meaning that combat will never be able to be as fast / smooth as it is in 5vs5 Moba games or, say, a Diablo 3 game where you have 4 players in the same world at the same time. Having super high skill gap fights that maybe take 2-3 seconds and where every milimeter of mouse position and every millisecond of reflexes really counts is not possible for Albion Online, nor any other MMORPG.
Having said that, our combat does get better from patch to patch, and will continue to improve. Our goal is to have the best overall MMORPG combat system, in particular when it comes to tactical/strategical combat as opposed to who can hit a button faster.

2. User Interface What many people do not understand is that the game being cross-platform really has nothing to do with the user interface. Our user interface already includes a lot of PC only features, and we are constantly expanding on this. A lot of the stuff will be included in our upcoming Brutus update. Come release, our UI on PC will be at least as a good as in a normal "PC only" game.
On top of that, please note that we see ourselves as "multi-platform" rather than cross-platform, meaning that we assume that most of our players will switch between platforms when playing the game (i.e. do some gathering with your tablet on the couch, but switch to PC for PvP action, etc) As a result of that, the UI has to be great for all platforms offered, with no compromises.

3. Solo / Casual Guild Play / Progression We see these areas as one of the core weak spots of our game at the moment, and a lot of the changes we are planning to make during beta will precisely address these issues. Please take a look at our roadmap.

All the best,

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