Albion Online is the first true cross-platform MMO, running on different devices like Windows, iOS & Android at the same time and in the same world!

What is Albion Online?

Log on and play from almost any device at any time, picking up exactly where you left off. Unlike most MMOs on the market, Albion Online has a top-down isometric view similar to ARPGs / MOBAs like Diablo III and League of Legends.

This guide is incomplete, will be finished soon.

Albion Online

System Requirements

It doesn't take a lot to run Albion Online thanks to it's minimalist graphics and the fact that ...


Laborers are a major feature in one of Albion Online's core mechanics, private islands. Figuring...

Closed Beta Access

So, you've been thinking about getting into the Albion Online closed beta, but you have a few qu...
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