Find out how to hire laborers on your personal island and what they can do for you!


Laborers are a major feature in one of Albion Online's core mechanics, private islands. Figuring out how to utilize laborers can be a difficult task for new players, which is why I'm here to explain them for you! Listed below are all of the gathering and refining laborers that you can hire to help you on your journey.

Laborers will give you a journal which they need you to fill for them. Filling the journal can be done by doing the required action depending on the type of laborer you have hired. You can find a list of laborers, how to fill their journals and what they will reward you with below.

Gathering Laborers

This type of laborers are usually the easiest ones to understand as they primarily just do basic gathering for you. The amount of resources that they typically return is somewhere between the 150 and 200.

  • Lumberjack
    • Fill journal by gathering wood.
    • Gathers wood for players.
  • Stonecutter
    • Fill journal by gathering stone.
    • Gathers stone for players.
  • Prospector
    • Fill journal by gathering ores.
    • Gathers ores for players.
  • Cropper
    • Fill journal by gathering fiber.
    • Gathers fiber for players.
  • Gamekeeper
    • Fill journal by gathering animal skins.
    • Gathers animal skins for players.
  • Mercenary
    • Fill journal by killing NPCs.
    • Gathers silver and gems for players.

Refining Laborers

These laborers are a little more complicated than the gathering ones, but should still be pretty easy to understand after I explain what they can do for you. As I'm sure you can guess, these laborers are focused mostly on the crafting side of things.

  • Blacksmith
    • Fill journal by using a Warrior's Forge.
    • Provides players with planks, leather and metal bars.
  • Fletcher
    • Fill journal by using a Hunter's Lodge.
    • Provides players with planks, leather and metal bars.
  • Imbuer
    • Fill journal by using a Mage's Tower.
    • Provides players with planks, cloth and metal bars.
  • Tinker
    • Fill journal by using a Toolmaker.
    • Provides players with planks, cloth and metal bars.

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