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Update on Bots, Hacks, and Account Security - May 31
[30. May 2023] Beyond the Veil Patch 9
Changes to Gold Market Limitations
Botting and Speed-Hacking Update, May 10
[Done] [May 08] Extraordinary Server Downtime at 18:30 UTC
[May 08] Extraordinary Server Downtime at 18:30 UTC
Speed-hacking Update May 04
Speed-hacking and Botting Update May 04
? Test Server Patchnotes - Knightfall Midseason Patch (Beyond the Veil Patch 8)
Update on Speed-hacking on Albion East
Does it really take 2 days for verification?
Speed-hacking on Albion East
Premium Compensation for Server Outages
Kompensasi Untuk Downtime Server
?? ???? ??
Extra Maintenance on Albion East, 29 March 2023
Give me a good reason why SBI shouldn't be compensating our Premium for your Incompetence?
[26 March] Issue with Albion East / Server Offline
[26 March] Issue with Albion East / Server Offline [Update 12:38 UTC]
After maintenance -getting bug Incorrect Client Version, reinstall no fix
Knight Adventurer + Gold + Premium for $4.95
[Hopefully Resolved] Albion West Outage, March 22
Where is my founder pack????
No founder status?
Upcoming Changes to the Referral System
Try to buy the founder pack but after 60+ attempts, the payment still ended up failed. HELP.
No Founder Status
No founder status
Developers nerf the loot
Does founders pack referral need to be in a new account or can be for new character with old account
MODs and GMs shouldn't be allowed to speak with tags.
Founder Pack Question
[13. February 2023] Beyond the Veil Patch 4
Lost all skins on test server
what is rong in test server no more stone in city for all skill and craft items
Albion Online is Coming to Asia!
not able to update test server
Bug Twitch Drop
Banned for misusing bug report button.
Beyon the Veil Patch #3 - Dev Update
Beyond the Veil Patch #3 - Dev Update
Albion doesn´t send my dispositive verification code, i have tried everithing.
Item Value is weird
Custom Match Feature Temporarily Disabled
any way to make mouse pointer more visible than the default grey one?
Testserver Patch Notes - Beyond the Veil Patch 2
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