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Enoying the New Content
When is iOS expected to go live?
Better effect for the "Royal Banner" ability?
Show off your Albion Online Setup and win prizes!
Spectral Bats are way too easy to get
Development Roadmap beyond Merlyn
Predictions for the Battle Rhino effects
WARNING!!! Albion is a risk merchant!
GvG Season 4 Schedule
trying to buy premium
Dear SBI
attack speed cap?
Create item progression (and personality)
Holy pales in comparison to Nature in PvP
HG Outlaw mechanic - Outlaw in general
Open letter to SBI with summary of their new-content development
I'm an idiot
Account Management - Cannot cancel Albion subscription
Intended or a mistake?
The Official Albion Online Wiki Discussion Thread: This Week: New Domain & Gold-Code Giveaways!
[Updated] Overcharge Feature
Overload little change
Can't Dash out of Claw E
Merlyn Update: Known Issues
[Technical] Upcoming End of Support for 32-bit Windows Versions
[Technical] End of Support for 32-bit Windows Versions
HCE's Destroyed
"Crafting progress now updates with each 40 items crafted"
Thetford boss damages Thetford players
Infernal SCYTHE Nerf... Intended or not?
Norton Issue?
Merlyn is Live!
High Delay Ingame
War Report: Albion's Biggest Battle
A Brief Guide to Faction Warfare
HCE admins
Hellion Jacket
Testserver Patch Notes - Merlyn Update
CORE Cursed Mage problems [vote up for curse suggestions]
When the update is released on ios
[Updated 11.07.18] Regarding keys purchased from 3rd party sites
Overcharging - Worst idea ever.
Next Content Update Focus
Faction Warfare
Increase the antizerg shield in the function of the number of attackers
Black market more harm then good?
New Dev Talk: Faction Warfare, Part 1
Albion clean-up late spring: steam cleaning bots and fraudsters
where is upgrade starter packs
Lancelot Patch 9 - Known Issues and Clarifications [UPDATED]
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