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Android anti cheat bug! Help
Android Anti Cheat
[Known Issue Patch 5] Spirit Animal Spell
[Known Issue Patch 5] Spirit Animal
Testserver Patch Notes - Rise of Avalon Patch 5
Population Update: September 2020
Not a rant post, but a compliment.
R.I.P Guardian Helmet
Energy Shaper bugged?
Disarray Changes for Season 10
Roads of Avalon Mapping & GPS Tools
Did they lower drop rates in dungeons?
Hideouts and Cities are the perfect pick-up and drop-off locations for transport contracts.
Corrupted Dungeons
Roads Of Avalon - Random or not?
Destiny Board Progress - Artefact Armor Specialization Split
Artefact from 400 to 83 ... [SOLVED] Thanks Korn!
Artefact from 400 to 83 ... DO NOT ALLOW THIS !!!
Combat Balance Changes
Combat Balance Changs
Avalonian Weapons & Offhands
Solo Dungeons closing in red & black zones
About update (Artifact Armors Combat Specialist)
Sandbox is Hiring!
Dev Talk: Avalonian Weapons
Launcher Resume Download Feedback
Patch 14 Update Issues
Queen Patch 14 is Here
Can we finally conclude that Queen failed to make the game better for small guilds?
Smart Cluster Queue
Books You're Currently Reading?
Premium revomed
payment paypal balance
ZvZ Buffs and Debuffs Rework proposal
Albion Online Being Removed from Streaming Service Geforce NOW
Refer One Friend and Claim a White Direboar Mount Skin!
Cluster Queue
The Off-Season Crystal Tournament
Zerg Debuff (Disarray) Survey Reminder
Undead world boss dungeons chests bug
Anybody played on iPhone XR so far?
iOS beta access
Android Issues - Possible fix *Updated*
Android Issues - Possible fix
Fix for Android Issues
Season 9 : Incredible reward...only for STRONG GUILD
Queen Patch 11 - Known Issues [Update: 12:52 UTC, 06.05.20]
Queen Patch 11 - Known Issues [Update: 7th May[
new UI is worse off
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