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Testserver Patch Notes - Queen Patch 5
Badon-Bogen unterbricht nicht mehr.
Badon unterbricht nicht mehr
I have returned!!!!
Adjustment to the Alliance Cap Test on February 26th
Red flag hunting Faction flag in yellow zone
[BUG] Crystal League From Level 8 Tower [Update: 13:03 UTC, 16.02.20]
Is this true?Alliance test cancelled?
Suggestion to RD loot
web store,most expensive price
Limiting Alliances to Guild size - Test starting February 26th
Terms of Service - data mining
[06. February 2020] Hotfix Thursday
Poll: Alliance Feature
How to solve mega-alliance problem in three simple steps
Queen Update is likely to backfire at SBI, what will defeat the design
Please give gathering fame for fishing.
Season 8 | Invasion Day & Cluster Queue Feedback
Poll: Disarray Balance
Proposed Hideout Travel System
TOS question
Keep home bind on death and allow players to bind home in blackzone cities
Upcoming Changes to Hideouts, Elite Dungeons & Other Fixes
Hideouts are incompatible with Personal Islands, here's a good fix!
?Resource Distribution Changes in the New Outlands? / Fishing Issues
MacOS Launcher crashing constantly after Queen Hotfix #1
Website is broken. Can't buy premium
[21.01.20] Emergency Maintenance
Queen - Known Issues List [Updated 20.01 19:10 UTC]
Queen - Known Issues List
Background information on Premium price adjustments
How you can keep the lower premium price when playing via Steam
The Battle of Caerleon
Battle for Caerleon is over
Avalonian Elite Dungeons
REMINDER: Player and Item Migration with the Queen Update
Upcoming Features with Queen Superpost
Hideouts: A Detailed Guide
Open-World Territory Battles
Resource Distribution Changes in the New Outlands
T7 cloth big node bugged.
Queen Feedback
great holy staff
Testserver Patch Notes - Queen Update
Solo Terri Attack
Saturday's Invasions Bring a Fearsome New Foe
Improvements to Tier 7/8 Resource Spawns
Dev Talk: Crystal League
Resource Return Bonus not adding up correctly?
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