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Shout out to Retroman
[13. December 2018] Nimue Patch 3
Updated to iOS 12 constant crashes
Possible Alliance Change
Which Abilities/Attacks are defined as "CC" and are buffed by increases to "CC"
I was told Yuletide Stag was going to be available this December season. Where is the ability to ac
New Deadly Shoot. Hit delay seems longer then stand time.
lets talk t8 hide monsters
IMP/Bat damage
[Issue] Expeditions temporarily deactivated.
[Update 15.11.] DDoS Attacks over the Weekend
[Update 13.11.] DDoS Attacks over the Weekend
DDoS Attacks over the Weekend
Public Crystal Realm GvG Playtest
Lags for Telecomusers
"Heal Effects"
In-Game Tips & Tricks
Fishing Economy - Seaweed - Feedback Welcome
Gold Market Issue
Poison effect
Why no numbers for new/reworked spells?
Diminishing Returns for Mobs???
New Dev Talk: Nimue Development Update
[25.10.] Forum Maintenance Incoming
Enoying the New Content
When is iOS expected to go live?
Better effect for the "Royal Banner" ability?
Show off your Albion Online Setup and win prizes!
Spectral Bats are way too easy to get
Development Roadmap beyond Merlyn
Predictions for the Battle Rhino effects
WARNING!!! Albion is a risk merchant!
GvG Season 4 Schedule
trying to buy premium
Dear SBI
attack speed cap?
Create item progression (and personality)
Holy pales in comparison to Nature in PvP
HG Outlaw mechanic - Outlaw in general
Open letter to SBI with summary of their new-content development
I'm an idiot
Account Management - Cannot cancel Albion subscription
Intended or a mistake?
The Official Albion Online Wiki Discussion Thread: This Week: New Domain & Gold-Code Giveaways!
[Updated] Overcharge Feature
Overload little change
Can't Dash out of Claw E
Merlyn Update: Known Issues
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