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Player Population
T7 Undead Elite Mage (wrong boss?)
A list of underpowered weapons and skills
The main problems as I see them
Premium: where is the 50% global discount?
Frazzle Damage Nerf?
[Staging][6 Oct. 2017] Joseph Patch #1 VER 1.0.336 - REV 99122
Arena Veteran's Armored Sabertooth?
anyone else notice community updates arent a thing since launch?
Royal Continent Map Design (Unbalanced)
Arena - Solo VS Group Registration
Elite Gear - Why Bother?
Sticky Potions go through Bubble
Arena queue disabled until fix available
Essence Mobs Still Dropping Faded Essence
IMPORTANT: Please avoid the use of starting town marketplaces (i.e. Mountain Cross etc.) until issue
Known Issue: Starting Town Marketplaces unintentionally connected
Martlock marked WIPED
Known Issue: Martlock Marketplace without content & switched entrances
T8 has been removed from the game
Remove guild/alliance affiliation from HGs and Arenas
[Banwave] ALL the things
DC during GvG
Remove the pointless, insulting, repeatable, slow filling bar at upgrading buildings.
How Were The New Level 70 Abilities Balanced?
Webside/subscription Off ?
[20.09.17] Testserver Patch Notes - Joseph Update
[Issue] Website Infrastructure Work
[Issue] Website Request Timeouts
Test server daggers discussion
[UNDERPOWERED] Shadow edge
Druid healer in arena feels like korean RTS
Deflecting Stance question.
Map timezone bug or intended?
Arena Playtest [Additional Times added, 18.09]
Fix Claymore Damage
No one can conquer City Plots, even the 15% buff is too op
[15 September 2017] Launch Patch #5 Hotfix #1 / VER 1.0.327 - REV 97446
Time for the few Great Nature GvGers to switch to Druidic Staff? (Energy, Cooldown, AND Duration ner
Joseph Update feedback: Auto-use, Smart Cast
Market UI is not getting an update in the Joseph update?
I deleted down my town building today (in MartLock)
Update Joseph Coming September 27
Gvg locking system, discussion thread.
[14.09.17] Testserver Patch Notes - Joseph Update
Joseph Patchnotes - when do we get them?
[14.09.17] Testserver Patch Notes (Launch Patch 5 Hotfix #1)
Question of Real World Trading
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