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Dying Instantly Upon Loading Into BZ "Gank Exploit"
The Albion Museum: A historic collection of items. Visitors welcome!
New Hellgate Spawns
Off-hands - Shields ┬┐Intentional changes?
Hi everyone!
Is there too many roaming mobs?
No CD Key after Payment
[12.03][Exploit Warning] Laborer Journals and Salvaging
1 Month premium
New Dev Talk: GvG Season 2 Improvements
Inconsistency in the loss of durability of building
Test Server Login Issue
Bought a starter pack, no key yet
New device email Bug [Test-server]
Question about Maces on Test Server
Economics, politics and mechanism of plot business
Updated Testserver Patchnotes - 2 March 2018 (Lancelot)
Lancelot - Tomes of Insight
Sun not in the Leaderboard of the top kill fame
Nature Staves: IP Is Not Correct
Changes to Siphoning Mages impact on GvG based on community feedback (Lancelot Update)
[28.02.] Today#s Patch is slightly delayed
Will there be a break between season 1 and season 2
Lancelot arrives on March 12
Tome of Insight
Zone bonus
Player Population Numbers
Balance holy and Druid
Bows are underpowered
Seasonal server? :D
The role of Battle Mounts
The role of Battle Mounts - Now and the in the Future
POWER GAP pre and post battlemounts patch
Black Screen
Black screen when logging into character.
New rending swing range < melee range
"Season points bug" update: what went wrong, and what we're doing to correct it this weeke
We're testing season points adjustments on staging using randomly generated numbers
Do all Swedish pple sleep a minimum 15 hours a day?
Compromise - Some Mobs Execute
Albion Online portable to Nintendo Switch?
Reduced crafting cost for T7 and T8 royal armor sets
Can't launch with Iphone 5S cause "less than 2MO syteme memory" while miminal requirement
Bubble Exploit in Camlann [1 vs 7]
[23.01.] Forum Maintenance
More than one account.
State of the Studio 2018 and beyond
Version incompatible?
YoloMouse 3rd party mouse cursor allowed?
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