With valuable prizes at stake, Conflict hosts a showcase of gear looted using only T3 sets.

Zero to Hero on Friday the 13th

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On Friday, July 13, Conflict hosted a "zero to hero" gear show for the entire TRUTH Alliance, with Direwolves, Discord tags, and siphoned energy as prizes. The rules were as follows:

  • Pick out your favorite three people and a tier 3 set and meet on the guild island at 0:00 UTC. Squads will attempt to gank the highest-value gear possible wearing only these sets.
  • You may gank anywhere you want, but you can only present gear that you gank off your enemies.
  • You may use as many T3 sets as you wish, meaning if your party gets wiped you can regear.
  • All food and potions must also be ganked, so use them wisely.
  • Someone in your party must return to the guild island wearing the looted gear by 5:00 UTC.
  • The squad wearing the total highest value gear by 5:00 will get 4 Direwolves and the coveted Hero tag on Discord for 1 month.
  • Additionally, 200 energy will be awarded to the person with the best video footage of the event.

So how did it play out? Check out this video montage for the highlights:

Congrats to the winning squad: Mattius, ABMhawaiian, Astrominus, and Galadorn - you can check out their winning gear below.


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