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Weekly Roundup: Mighty Keeper Artifacts

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While we continue to polish the game, getting rid of bugs and improving the overall player experience, we also have some new things to show you this Monday! 

Keeper Artifacts

The Keepers will make their comeback to Albion Online with the release of the highlands biome, and they will bring powerful Artifacts for you to craft into new Artifact Armor and Weapons! Here is a sneak peek at some of them.

The Druid Set is a cloth armor set, usually worn by the most spiritual members of the Keeper tribes.

Frost mages might want to get their hands on the Hoarfrost Staff. Its third spell, Avalanche, shoots a giant snowy rock that grows bigger over time and freezes enemies on impact.

Is icy magic too cold for you? The Wildfire Staff might be just for you, bringing back the popular Magma Sphere spell.

The Fourth Albion War Report

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Last Week’s Legends of Albion

Every week, three Legends are chosen amongst the community, and have a chance to shine in our Legends of Albion segment. You can already check out the Legendary Blackthron in the video below, click here to check out the other Legends of last week!

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